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After 20+ years as a therapist, Shelly witnessed first hand the struggle of finding quality and accessible mental health services.. This frustration evolved into a focus and passion to decrease the stigma of seeking services and increasing access to those seeking professional help.

As a speaker, she is committed to sharing her knowledge, insights, and experience to inspire and empower audiences. Whether it’s a conference, workshop, or corporate event, Shelly brings a unique perspective and a genuine desire to make a meaningful impact. 

If you’re seeking a passionate advocate and a progressive leader in the mental health field, click the button below to start the conversation. 

Shelly is excited to work with you to create a powerful and transformative experience for your event or conference.

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Why Choose Shelly for Your Event?

Unforgettable Impact

Shelly has the remarkable ability to captivate audiences with her powerful presence and compelling delivery. She leaves a lasting impact on attendees, inspiring them to embrace positive change and embark on personal transformation.

Engaging and Dynamic Presentations

Shelly's speaking style is dynamic and engaging, allowing her to connect authentically with the audience. She create an interactive, though provoking experience that inspires and empowers individuals to take meaningful action.

Expertise and Passion

As a respected therapist, wellness consultant and owner of a 6 facility healthcare group, Shelly brings a wealth of knowledge to her speaking engagements about mental health, business, leadership and much more. Her genuine passion for empowering others shines through in every word, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and motivation.

Tailored to Your Event

Shelly understands the importance of aligning her content with your event's objectives and audience. She will work closely with you to customize the presentation, ensuring it seamlessly fits into the theme and goals of your event, delivering a truly impactful experience for all.

Practical Strategies for Personal Growth

Shelly provides practical strategies and actionable insights that empower individuals to enhance their well-being, build resilience, and cultivate personal growth. Attendees will leave with tangible tools and techniques they can apply in their personal and professional lives.

Shelly shares the four pillars
of wellness.

Play Video about Shelly O'Neal 4 Pillars of Wellness

Shelly talks about mental health in children during back-to-school times.

Booking Shelly for Your Event

Booking Shelly as a speaker for your event is a seamless and rewarding experience. Her availability is limited, so act now to secure your date. Please fill out the inquiry form below, providing details about your event, including the date, location, and desired topic. The team will promptly get in touch to discuss your event and tailor the speaking engagement to meet your specific needs.